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Ecosure Slimline Bunded Oil Tank 1000 Litre Bottom Outlet



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Bunded Oil Tank Features
  • 1" BSP Outlet
  • 4" Inspection Lid
  • 2" Overfill Prevention Valve
  • Lockable Lid

  • Storing your home heating oil has been made even easier with Ecosure's Slimline 1070 Litre Bunded Oil Tank. This ultra slim domestic bunded oil tank has been designed to safely store oil while taking up as little footprint of your garden as possible.

    Just as other oil tanks, the Ecosure 1070 has a 1" BSP outlet located at the bottom of the tank. This can be used to connect to your existing boiler. Under the lockable lid is a 2" male BSP overfill prevention valve. Here you will also find a 4" inspection lid which can be used for any maintenance required.

    Bunded Oil Tank Dimensions

    Nominal (Litres)
    967 litres
    1056 litres

    Bunded Oil Tank Includes
  • 1" BSP Outlet
  • 4" Inspection Cap
  • 2" Fill Point
  • Lockable Lid
  • 10 Year Guarantee

  • Please Note -Installation Requirements
    This Bunded Oil Tank must be installed by an OFTEC Registered Technician or similarly competent person.
    For more information on OFTEC Installation or an installer please call us on 01763 261 781


    Filter Valve PackFilter Valve Pack £14.99 +vat

    Tiger Loop £57.99 + vatTiger Loop £57.99 +vat

    Oil Tank Fitting KitOil Tank Fitting Kit £78.99 +vat

    Tiger Loop Fitting Kit £33.50 + vatTiger Loop Fitting Kit £33.50+vat

    Oil Tank Security Kasp Padlock £4.99 +vat + vatOil Tank Security Kasp Padlock £4.99 +vat

    Spill / Leak Pads - £19.99 
400mm x 500mm - 1L Capacity +vat Spill / Leak Pads - £19.99 400mm x 500mm - 1L Capacity

    Apollo Gauge - £73.99 + VATApollo Gauge - £73.99 + VAT

    50m50m x 10mm Qual Oil Pipe - £55.38 + VAT

    1.5m1.5m KBB Fire Valve - £26.50 + VAT + VAT


    Further Information

    Recommended Base Required

    Remember: All oil tanks should be installed by either an Oftec Registar Engineer or a Competent Person www.competentperson.co.uk

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