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Adblue 3000 Litre Storage Tank

Adblue 3000 Litre Storage Tank

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1,089.00 Ex VAT
1,306.80 Including  VAT at 20%

If you're looking for somewhere to store your fuel, then look no further than the Ecosure 3000 litre adblue storage tank. Although competitively priced, it's made from the highest quality plastic. Manufactured to our

It is weather and impact resistant and you can be assured of buying a quality product. Its cylindrical shape and indented ribs create a strong durable tank ideal for all agricultural and commercial environments.

TANK SECURITY is one of our top priorities, so this Ecosure tank comes with a hasp and a staple fastening which can be padlocked so you can be confident of top oil tank security.


Dimensions H:2250mm xD:1600mm
Outlet 1" BSP top drawoff <
Fill Point 2" BSP stainless steel fill point
Weight 155kg
Security Lockable Lid
Capacity 3000 litres / 660 gal

Ablue Tank Features
  • 1" BSP top drawoff INCLUDED
  • 2" BSP stainless steel fill point INCLUDED
  • 4" inspection cap INCLUDED
  • Lockable lid INCLUDED

  • The shelf life of Adblue is 6-12 Months, in perfect condition it can be used up to 18 months

    Adblue does have a freezing point of -11ºC so its crucial that the temperature does fall below this point. Addionally, the fluid temperature should never exceed +30ºC as the quality is compromised.


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